The Artist

What if the game isn’t to make money. What if the game is to save lives.

What then? 

Bird Lovegod. Artist, writer, humanitarian entrepreneur, artist of Compassions.

Humanitarian Interventions. I’m inspired by many heroes, Jesus is one, Oscar Schindler is another. Oscar created something extraordinary. A company that was, on the face of it, an armaments factory waging war against humanity, but was in truth a system dedicated to extracting men women and children out of the very jaws of death and from the very gates of hell. If you want to understand one of the underlying motivations for this project, for my life actually, watch this.

I want to explore the relationship between life, and money. Is it possible to use money to heal and transform lives? Even to save them, at scale, as Oscar did? Or is it much more complicated and difficult than that? Is it ‘just the way the World is?’ Or is it actually just the way we are? And is that a choice?

I don’t believe I can change ‘the World’ but I know I can change individuals circumstances. You know the story of the starfish right? It makes a difference to that one, and that one, and that one.

Is it art? I call it that. For now. It’s open to debate. The creation of books and film and photography, that’s art. Changing peoples lives, directly, and deliberately? Can that be art? Intervention art. It’s a challenging idea, changing lives as art, and making art from the process. Very direct. Very deliberate. What if the changing of the lives is the art? And the documenting of it is simply the documentation, like taking a photo of a painting. What if sculpting futures is art? These are rather big ideas, and if they give rise to feelings of discomfort, I think it’s something to do with responsibility. My motivation is pure. This entire process, in my mind and heart, is Christ’s. His, not mine. What gives me the right to intervene in someone’s life in this way? He does. And here’s a retortive question, what gives us the right to ignore the plight of millions of impoverished lives? I’m aware of the moral and ethical complexities of this project, some will see it exploitative. I see it as service.

My life has been changed by art, and artists. So has your own probably. Paintings, films, music, these things have power, the ability to create change. Taking this to the most direct conclusion, changing lives for the better, deliberately, perhaps even saving lives, is this not the ultimate power and responsibility? To decide to change the World. One life at a time. Because we can.

People. Lets do Compassions, change lives, and discover what art can really do, and what we can really be.

email me if you want to be involved in any way.