So I had this idea. What if you could just raise some money, then go to a slum somewhere, and use that money to transform some lives. Hey, to save some lives even. Doable?

I want to find out. So I’ve raised a bit of cash from these fine people, and added some of my own, and when the time is right, I’m going to go and put it into action and make a book and a documentary. I’m waiting for the Good Lord Jesus to guide the when and where’s of this thing. It’s relying on ‘The Lord’s Compassions Never Fail’ to even happen. Hope that’s not too weird for you. It’s just how it is.

Four Episodes: each a personal humanitarian intervention in the slums of Cambodia.


Compassion One: Funded by myself.

Compassion Two: Funded by Optus Digital. Big love.

Compassion Three: Funded by Falkon Digital. Big love again.

Compassions Four: Collectively crowd funded. 

I don’t have much of a plan beyond getting there. Perhaps I’ll buy some paint and head to the slum in Phnom Penh. I want to see if anyone wants me to paint their shack, and it feels like a good way to meet people. I’m also going to visit some small charities and humanitarian organisations, and get to learn the score a bit. One month doesn’t feel like a very long time, it only gives me one week per compassion, but that’s the schedule so far. Things can change.

Filming Prior to Cambodia, Bird explains the idea and concept, and sets about raising the money. In these unedited roughs, Bird and contributors discuss the plan, the beginnings, the motivations, the reasons, the hopes, the concerns, and visions for the future. 

Skin in the game, right?’ Bird talks about why he feels inclined to fund the first of the Compassions. Filmed by Erin Lawlor in Union Street Co Working Space, Sheffield. 

Scene Three: Chris Simmance, MD of OptusDigital talks about why he decided to commission a Compassion. 

Scene Four: Luke and Sadie from Falkon Digital sponsor the third of the Compassions. We talk about charities, and transparency, and starfish. Then my camera runs out! But that’s OK, they were filming as well, and there’s another 30 mins of footage to be edited. Nice one Luke and Sadie! I love you! 

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