The Book

Humanitarian Intervention Art is the movement for our times.

Compassions is the book of the origin of humanitarian intervention art, beginning with street art from the beginning of the Millenia, the concept and vision explored and examined, and then culminating in the journey to Cambodia in 2019, the interventions for the children in prisons, and the saving of a strangers life.

Every artist wants to change the World. To create life changing art. This is how.

The most direct way to change the World with art is to change the World as Art.

The book of the journey, and therefor the origins of Humanitarian Intervention Art, is called Compassions. The interventions, I call them Compassions, that’s what drives me, the ability to change lives for good.

I’m also a painter.

And now, for every painting I sell, another humanitarian intervention is actioned, and the buyer of the painting receives proof of that, documentation of that.

Humanitarian Intervention Art. Buy a painting. Change a life. Now you know what art can do.

I’d say I invented it, developed it, and was the first to save a life as art and take credit for it, but in truth, a far greater artist than me is responsible for this brilliance. He knows who he is.

If you’d like a copy of Compassions, from the edition one print run of only 50 copies, please drop me a line and I’ll be in touch. They’re £50. Thank you. 07535 670 581.

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