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“The artworks must have impact, must be alive and have power to change lives. They are not passive objects. With the collaboration of the buyers, they are transformative.”

Bird Lovegod

Psalm 23, in the artists studio, a life changing painting from the Big Picture Series.

Psalm 23
Each of the 118 pieces, one for each word, generates a compassionate humanitarian intervention.
These ‘Compassions’ are personally actioned by the artist, in the cities, towns, villages, and prisons of Cambodia.
Each piece has within it the power to change lives.
This includes the delivery of food, clothing, and soft toys to hundreds of children in prison, as shown here, from a visit to Correctional Facility Two, Phnom Penh, October 2019.
Thus Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd,
Becomes a series of 118 beautiful paintings,
And a delight,
And blessing,
To hundreds of women,
And young children,
And babies,
In need. Because when you have nothing, such things are everything.

These Compassions will be actioned by the artist during 2020. A hardback book of the journey will be produced, documenting all the artworks, and all the Compassions, and process and story.

This book, Compassions 2020, will be sent to the buyers of all the individual pieces before the end of 2020.

The full creative process for Psalm 23 can be seen in Studio and Videos.

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“…the intention is to create beauty. Starting with beautiful ideas, beautiful thoughts, beautiful words, and transforming them into a visual aesthetic which still conveys the original truth and beauty. Then with the buyers collaboration this becomes an action, and the beautiful painting extends into being a beautiful real World thing, a beautiful gift, a beautiful impact. A beautiful day in someones life. The buyer of the painting is intrinsic to the process. They make it real. It’s a true collaboration.”

Bird Lovegod

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