Paintings 2020

Bigger Picture Series:

In progress: Psalm 23. A painting and humanitarian intervention system.

The Painting:

Stage One: Creating the pieces. 118, one for each word in Psalm 23.

First, the carpenter

Stage Two: Arranged in the studio. Some fit easily into place, some need a little convincing, ultimately all come together to create a cohesive peace. The last bears the instructions.

The words of Psalm 23

Stage Three: Three base coats of white. Symbolising the original purity and perfection of creation.

Three coats. One for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
And it was good.

Stage four: The fall. Darkness. The paints used in this stage are Valspar gloss, a colour called Epic Adventure. And indeed, humanity is having an epic adventure, with or without God.

Stage five: The light shines in the darkness. The Word comes to Earth. The restorer of souls, leader of paths, the comforter, Saviour. Not always understood. The scripture is written in oil pastel, and soon, will be layered over with thick oil paint.

Stage six: The Word blends with the life of humanity. In deep oil… Jan 12th…

The paints used in this process are Michael Harding hand made oils, generally accepted as being the best oil paints in the World. The Lapis Lazuli blue is the height of regality, the cobalt violet light, the blood and flame.

Stage seven: Continuous painting, the Word becomes flesh, in art terms, lyrical abstraction. Beautiful words from beautiful Spirit become a visual aesthetic of abstracted beauty. The essence is constant, the form, transformed.

Stage Eight: Finishing. Each piece will be separated and finished, the edges painted in Velspar ‘Another World’ paint. Then reassembled and photographed as a whole for the last time before being sent into the World.

Part Two: Humanitarian Intervention Art

The pieces are individualised, presented, and sold for £300 each.

For each one purchased, £150 is used to provide a Compassions parcel for a mother and child in prison in Cambodia. This includes food, nappies, medical supplies, clothing, art materials, play materials, learning materials, and cuddly toys.

These Compassions will be delivered by the artist in June / July 2020.

A book of the journey and process will be produced, documenting all the artworks, and all the Compassions, and the process and story.

This book, Compassions Two, will be sent to the buyers of all the individual pieces before the end of 2020.

Thus Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd, becomes a series of 118 beautiful paintings, and a delight and blessing to hundreds of women and young children and babies.

That’s how it works.

Visit to Phnom Penh Correctional Facility 2, October 2019, establishing the system.

More Paintings for 2020:

Proverbs. A diptych, a verse from a proverb on each piece. Again, each one initiates a humanitarian intervention, a Compassion. These will be actioned in Cambodia, somewhere in the provinces or rural communities or streets, opportunity provides. This one will be painted in the same process as the Psalm. It’s Proverb 22:2. Each piece is 60 x 60 cm.

Proverb 22:2 Diptych 2 x 60 x 60 cm
2 minute video. Bird talks about changing lives with this painting.

One Hundred Cans of Fish

This painting, yet to be produced, when purchased, turns into 100 cans of fish, given to a poverty stricken family, somewhere in Cambodia.

One Hundred Kilo of Rice

This painting, yet to be produced, when purchased, turns into 100kg of rice, given to a poverty stricken family, somewhere in Cambodia.

Closer to home: One Hundred Tins of Steak

This painting, yet to be produced, when purchased, turns into 100 tins of steak, given to a food bank in Sheffield.

In all instances, the buyers of the paintings receive Deeds documenting proof of Compassions.

Commission the saving of a human life.

A Triptych Painting is included in the price. Proof of life saving will be provided in format of your choosing. POA. 07535 670 581.

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