Choose Artworks

Here’s what a £10 artwork looks like:

An original drawing, like these, on the front of a postcard. I had some printed to take to Cambodia in 2019, the aim being to give them to street children who could create their own designs on the front and sell them. I left half the cards in the UK. £10 buys one of these postcards. Posted, of course. And £5 goes into the Compassions fund.

Here’s what a £50 artwork looks like:

One of the A4 hardback books from the Compassions 2019 journey. Limited edition of just 50 printed copies. 164 pages. Signed, personalised. Strange and fascinating. It includes artworks from when I was a street artist back in 2008, and before. Plus you also get an original postcard drawing.

Here’s what a £150 artwork looks like:

A surprise. Maybe a piece or two from my back catalogue. A life drawing from ten years ago, or a piece of street art, I’ve got a lot of work stashed away. It’ll be a surprise, even to myself. Plus you get a book, and a postcard.

Here’s what a £300 artwork looks like:

A piece of the Psalm 23 painting, there’s 118 pieces in the big picture. 40 x 40 cm framed. They look really nice, painted in Michael Harding hand made oil paints, each one unique, the backgrounds are also different for each one, very meaningful, each one is a word from Psalm 23, the word is written on the back. You can see more about the creation of this epic 118 piece painting here, and also see some videos. Plus you get a book and a postcard. Boom, for real.

Here’s what a £600 artwork looks like:

A pair of the Psalm 23, plus a signed book and a post card. Plus a surprise of some sort, not sure what yet. A gift.

Here’s what a £1000 artwork looks like:

This diptych is called Proverb 22:2, you can see more about it here, it’s beautiful, and comes with a private video link showing the creation. It’s still drying and needs finishing, the edges tidying up and making perfect. If this piece is unavailable, it’ll be something similar of an equally high quality. You can see more about this painting here.

Here’s what a £3000 artwork looks like:

Ah now we’re talking. What would you like? How about a triptych, three pieces, like Proverb 22:2 as shown above, but bigger? Painted in Michael Harding hand made oil paints, which are basically the best oil paints in the World, the pieces fit together and can be hung as a whole, or three separates. Let’s call to discuss.

Here’s what a £5000 artwork looks like:

Beautiful, that’s what. Again, let’s talk, maybe I could see the space it’s to go in. Or maybe you’d like something different, a portrait perhaps, something unusual. The jigsaws are my signature style though. Let’s go big.

Here’s what a £10,000 artwork looks like:

Epic. Like it belongs in the Tate Modern. Beautiful and life changing. How big? Exactly.

Remember, this is only half of the process. 50% of the sale proceeds go in the collective Compassions fund. And we use it to change and save lives. That’s the real art right there. Sculpting futures.

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