“The people who buy the paintings are collaborators in the art process. They are not just passive collectors, they are active participants in a system designed to change and even save lives.”


There’s 118 pieces in the painting Psalm 23. Each one is unique, and each one is part of a bigger picture. They come framed as shown, 40cm x 40cm and background colours are unique to each piece. Multiples are available on request. Value of the impact in changing lives; immeasurable.

First verse, The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not want…
Piece 4; ‘My’

Prices: Psalm 23 singles, oil on hand cut MDF panel, 40 x 40 cm framed, background also uniquely painted, signed numbered and named on reverse. £300

The sale of every piece generates a documented humanitarian intervention, actioned in Cambodia. These will be collectively published in a hardback book, Compassions 2020, and a copy sent to every collector. Included in the price.

Other work

Proverb 22:2 diptych, 60cm x 135cm, oil on jigsaw panel frame created by the artist, this beautiful two part inter-locking painting comes with a 120 minute video of its creation, exclusive to the purchaser. The purchase of Proverb 22:2 initiates a life transforming, potentially life saving humanitarian intervention, actioned by the artist in Cambodia. Price Negotiable. Contact to discuss.


See Paintings 3 for options on Commissions; including the commissioning of life saving portraits.

Reserve a piece of Psalm 23, or enquire about any of the other artworks, without obligation, by completing the form below. Paintings may be purchased on approval. Receive and enjoy for a week, then decide to purchase or return.

Ask without obligation.

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