Back Story

What if you could save lives, as art?

The vision was conceived on the streets of London, 2008.

I was a street artist, sometimes a character and persona called DICY, tagging the symbol of a dice with one on every side.

It spoke of ‘God’s dice’, and relating to fate, and destiny. It was a kind of visual tag I was using sometimes. And on one occasion I wrote next to it:

Art is a way for my soul to communicate with my mind. And as such it’s sometimes what you might call mystical, a way to be shown the future, or clues, or messages from Spirit, from God. It took 11 years for me to look past the wall, to saving a life, and therefore into the big picture.

2019. Delivering Compassions to women and children in Phnom Penh Correctional Facility Two, Cambodia. Creating a humanitarian intervention art system.

There was two missions for the journey to Phnom Penh in October 2019. The first was to establish an individualised aid pipeline into the Cambodian prison system. This enables myself, the artist, to visit the prisons, and personally deliver interventions and aid parcels to the children and adults living there. This means for every painting I sell, I can action a humanitarian intervention in a Cambodian prison.

The second mission was to explore the possibility of taking art to its ultimate goal. Saving life as art.

Is saving a life a choice, or an opportunity? Is it possible to travel to a foreign land and place ones self at the service of this calling? Is it possible to save a life, by offering ones self to that cause, and allowing Life itself to provide the opportunity? What does it mean to save a life, and who is responsible for that endeavour? What are the ethics of deliberately intervening in the life and future of another human being? Stepping in, changing everything, and stepping back out again?

Hard questions, real questions, profound questions.

Explored and to my satisfaction answered in the the journey, and documented in the book Compassions which is also the story of the origins of humanitarian intervention art, spanning more than a decade.

Hardback, 164 pages, very limited. Edition one, 50 copies only.

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