Commission the saving of a human life.

I’ve decided to offer this service. I’ve done it once, I can do it again. Many times perhaps. In this World, at this time, we can buy anything, pretty much. We can buy animals, minerals, vegetables, we can buy almost any and every service. The saving of a human life. I believe that may beContinue reading “Commission the saving of a human life.”

This caught my eye yesterday,

It’s a ‘quilt’, made from the signs used by beggars, homeless people, ‘panhandlers’ as they are sometimes called in the US. The quilt, reminiscent of Tracy Emins work, perhaps her tent, ‘All the people I ever slept with’ , or perhaps a Grayson Perry tapestry, was produced by a pair of police officers in AlabamaContinue reading “This caught my eye yesterday,”

Article from Yorkshire Post

I write a weekly piece for the Yorkshire Post newspaper in the business section. They credit me as a ‘fintech* consultant’ but that’s a hangover from a previous life. In practice I tend to write about ideas, business, solutions to problems, society, art, religion, humanities, ethics, sometimes this includes fintech. Here’s a piece on whyContinue reading “Article from Yorkshire Post”