Does art need to serve anyone to be important ? Does art need to be important ?

Importance and value. Hmmm. The child’s painting is important, and maybe art is always important? Possibly. Some art is more important than other? Perhaps. Sometimes I see art in terms of ‘good and bad’ important and trivial, and other times it all merges into one, a formless essence, all of it related, all of it part of itself, none of it more valuable or important than any other cell in the body.

Sometimes I think I have answers, or at least, opinions. Other times, it all feels like ego, judgement, pride, and I think I know nothing and feel ashamed or embarrassed at having held opinions relating to value and importance. It’s like a religion in that respect. The more holy, the more humble, the more accepting, the more seeing of ones own place as servant.

Artists self promote, yet how to do in humility?

Published by Bird Lovegod

Humanitarian Intervention Artist

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