Commission the saving of a human life.

I’ve decided to offer this service. I’ve done it once, I can do it again. Many times perhaps.

In this World, at this time, we can buy anything, pretty much. We can buy animals, minerals, vegetables, we can buy almost any and every service. The saving of a human life. I believe that may be a new one.

Imagine you’re a wealthy person, a millionaire, you have all the materials you need, you can buy a watch for 10k, if you like, or a handbag for the same. You can buy a vintage car, or a painting, spending hundreds of thousands, or millions, these things are just toys really. Symbols of success and pleasures for the senses.

How about saving a life. See how that feels. Maybe you’ll enjoy it and want to collect more.

You get to know the name of the person, see their face, and be as close to the experience as possible, without leaving your comfort zone.

You’ll receive documentation of the process and outcome in the format of your choice. This could include a video, a short film, a book, photographs, or a painting. The artwork is your material reminder of the fact you reached out and saved a life, because you could.

The who, the how, the where, these we can discuss. There’s millions of people waiting.

Reach out and touch one of them.

Save a life. Because now you can.

Published by Bird Lovegod

Humanitarian Intervention Artist

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