Is this a stupid idea ?

I’ve just spent ten minutes trying to comprehend how to say ‘My name is…’ in Khmer. Google translate isn’t great for this, the audio is virtually inaudible and I’m stuck . I can say hello.

Suostei. Hello

My name is chhmoh​ robsakhnhom​ ku Bird

Or I can point to my chest and say Bird. What else will I need for introductions?

What is your name?

tae​ anak​ mean​ chhmoh avei ?

Ok that’s not too bad, even if the cut and paste sends the text tiny!

Where is the slum ?

del chea kanleng kreik

Hmmm the audio doesn’t sound much like the words written in the English alphabet.

I may have to find a tech solution to this ! But I want to learn Cambodian , Khmer,

Thank you!

Saun Arkoum

Words for today. Phonetically writen.

Hello ….. soostay

Thank you ….. soon arkoom

Goodbye …. lea

God bless ….. prayer brateen poor

I’m going to write them out by hand until I remember them . Slow learner here, my linguistics don’t extend past gcse French . Never too late. Prayer brateen poor

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