Let’s raise some lives

I’ve just agreed to sell 20% of my equity in my old media company, no names no prices, but it really highlights the whole issue regarding money and life. For me, it’s one of the hardest to reconcile features of 21st century civilisations. That money should determine life. Is this really the best we can do, is this who we are? That our beliefs around money over-ride our beliefs around life itself? This surely is not who we really are? How can we juxtapose the so called sanctity of human life with the actual prioritisation of finance.

How can we say ‘life is sacred’ then deny life to those who cannot pay for it in coin? Which then is more ‘sacred’. The life, or the coin?

This collective hypocrisy, or whatever dysfunctionality you prefer to call it, is the default situation, the norm, the actual on the ground reality. We have created money, as a system, and are mastered by it. How can this be? And be changed? Some will say crypto currencies are the answer, and perhaps in some way they will be part of a new alternate system, but are they a technologists answer to what is ultimately a humanitarian problem?  The solution is to change ourselves, surely, for all else is a reflection of that. Slavery was abolished because it was no longer an acceptable behavior in our own eyes, it was not who we are, who we wanted to be. We could not do it to ourselves, and each other, any more. And yet all are enslaved still, by money, or our attitude to it, and more die, more suffer, more under-live, as a result than of any other cause, or all other causes, combined. 

Let us use money to heal, to change lives. One by one. Individual to individual. Let us do what we can to work with what we have to enable others to live a life of some hope and ability. Let us love one another this way.

We who have money have the ultimate power.

To give life, and betterment of life, to those who do not. 

I for one am going to help people and try to deliver transformation and change and blessings to some of the millions of people in this World who cannot do this for themselves and can only hope and pray for a miracle. We with money have the ability to be that miracle. I see it as nothing less than duty. 


Published by Bird Lovegod

Humanitarian Intervention Artist

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